Rob’s Tech Tip of the Week

Rob's Tech Tip of the Week

A DSLR might be the wrong choice.

The common misconception is that buying a super high end DSLR will mean that you will take better pictures. This is not the case. The most important question to ask yourself when shopping for a camera is, “How am I going to use my camera?” If the answer is that you are planning taking snapshots of your family, then buying a DLSR is a waste of money. DSLRs are heavy, take up a ton of space, and are not convenient to pull out and grab a few shots. You’ll find that you’ll end up just leaving your DSLR at home and taking pictures with your cell phone. Point and shoot cameras are very high in quality and are smaller, lighter, and more convenient.


3 thoughts on “Rob’s Tech Tip of the Week

  1. Hey Rob! I just got a small camera so I could put my photos on my blog. I still can’t upload them. I have asked some people how to do this. How do I do the file thing? How do I make a file to upload photos and then add my photos to my posts? I don’t want to give up. Can you please help me? I know it should be easy but I can’t do it.

    • Hello! Typically, you should be able to plug your camera right into your computer using the cable that came in the box, which should automatically launch a photo viewing application. There are many helpful articles if you simply google search “uploading photos to your blog”. Good luck and all the best!

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