by Brady Aarons, Intern

In Section 1 of the DAE’s summer camp, I was given the opportunity to work with the Moviemaking camp as they wrote, directed, acted in, and edited their own short film. The experience was eye-opening to see the youth of America direct me in a motion picture of epic proportions.  They hired me as a unpaid actor to inspire their young minds.  The students collaborated quite beautifully by placing me in the correct areas, shooting multiple angles, and in many styles. Zade Constantine, the teacher, constructively helped the children create a masterpiece of cinema.

The premise of “The Intern Chronicles” was my discovery that my life as an Intern was a movie.  With this newfound wisdom, I magically produced everything the students desired, until I became consumed with the power I had just discovered. I then started to use my gifts to torture and demean the children of the DAE.  Then, I refused to be fired by Zade who was playing my boss and continued to torment the children until the “Editor” warned me that if I continue to use my powers for evil, I would lose them forever.  So I scurried to correct my misdeeds and plead to the sky/Editor to “undo everything” and in ironic agreement, we cut to the universe exploding and being consumed by a raging black hole bent on destruction.

Overall, it was a mutually beneficial experience that enlightened the students and me, while revitalizing my youthful ambition for movies.  It was a true pleasure to work with the children and create something I can be proud of, I’m sure Zade can vouch for this as well.

“Intern Brady”


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