Why I Love Photography

by Remy Kuhn, Intern

Photo by Remy Kuhn

Photo by Remy Kuhn

Photography has always been something I was interested in but not necessarily invested in. As a part of this younger generation, I have grown up with photography my entire life, but, unfortunately, did not pick it up right away. As a child, I was more interested in visual art and arts and crafts, but have more recently grown to love and become involved with photography and digital media. Digital photography became more relevant, faster for time restriction, and unlimited in comparison to traditional art, in resources and effects.

In high school, I was one of the photography editors of my yearbook and was able to get acquainted with using a DSLR camera, capturing the everyday moments in the hallways and special events. I had the chance to experience the personal and interactive side of photography, taking a journalistic approach and photos on the go. This enabled me to work with multiple subjects and in a busy environment.

After having that position, I continued photography in the artistic world, and wanted to go further with learning the technicalities, compositional aspects and taking photos for a more an artistic purpose. In college, I have taken a few photography courses including both analog black and white photography as well as digital photography. Through these courses, I gained a new perspective in photography that quickly grew on me. I became fascinated with the world of photography and what you could create by changing a picture on and off the camera. In other words, I could manipulate the scene in front of me and establish my own vision of what I wanted it to be or what I thought would be aesthetically pleasing to other people.

Learning to photograph in different lighting situations and environments has made photography even more intriguing. Every day, anywhere I go, I am now eager to use photography, not to just snapshot everything, but make memories of the highlights of places I go and people and things I see. I think it is important to realize the two different aspects of photography; you can use a photo to express or remember a specific moment in time that happens in front of you or you can manipulate what happens in front of the camera and shoot the image you create yourself.

Through photography, I have found that I can create and capture an interesting experience, editing my own world in Photoshop and having the ability to be creative and imaginative in any project I encounter.

New social media such as Instagram, Vine, and new technology like iPhones, make it easier to take photos anywhere at any time, but using an actual camera, analog, digital, or DSLR is a more exciting and rewarding experience and I suggest that everyone try it, in between Instagramming and whatever else!


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