MEET THE STAFF: Megan Johnson

The DAE presents its latest Meet the Staff post, which highlights a special member of our DAE creative community!

Today, we interviewed one of our interns, Megan Johnson, who is a rising senior at Boston College!

Megan Johnson, Intern in the Spotlight

Megan Johnson, Intern in the Spotlight

Name: Megan “Marketing Megan” Johnson

Age: 21

School & Year: Boston College ‘14

Major/Interests: I’m a Communication major with a passion for music, tweeting like crazy, social media, marketing, and Netflix-bingeing on questionable television shows.

What do you do at the DAE? I craft punny tweets, manage the social media accounts, work on the DAE’s marketing strategies, sit in a swirly chair at the front desk, and talk in weird voices.

What’s your favorite part of working at the DAE? I love hanging out with the awesome creative people here and tweeting all day erryday.

What do you hope to accomplish this summer? I hope to learn more about marketing a business and immerse myself even more in this super creative community and leave my mark at the DAE! 🙂


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