Rob’s Tech Tip: Simplifying Folder Movement!


Have you ever had the issue of moving a file or folder from one area of your mac to another? Let’s say you have a folder in your documents called “Work” and you need to move a file in “Work” to a different folder called “Personal.” Normally, you would have to drag the file to your desktop, hunt down the “Personal” folder, and then drag the file from the desktop into “Personal”. It would be much easier if you could have “Personal” and “Work” opened side by side, right?

There is a simple trick to do so! Open up Finder and and double click on “Work” (or whatever folder you’re working with) while holding down the “Command” key on your keyboard. Doing so will open “Work” in a totally new Finder window. Repeat the process with ‘”Personal” and now you’ve got your two folders opened side by side, and you need to do is drag your file from one to the other!


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