WIRED.COM SAYS: Paint Jobs: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Colorful Gadgets

This article was shared from Wired.com because we love learning about technology from them and we do not take any credit for anything written or any pictures taken below!
Paint Jobs: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Colorful Gadgets
by Roberto Baldwin
If Internet chatter is to be believed, Apple is about to drop a rainbow-infused group of iPhone 5Cs on all of us.

While the iPod line has been a colorful experience for a few years now, the iPhone has only been available in black and white. But that’s about to change, it seems. Apple’s going all second-generation iMac on us with the new iPhone 5C. (“C” probably stands for Color. We’ll find out Tuesday.) Depending on the company’s choices, this could be a spectacular way to expand and individualize the iPhone line or a colossal spinning color wheel of disaster.

Apple, of course, is far from the only company trying to inject some color into the often monochromatic world of gadgets. And the results aren’t always pretty. Here are some hits and misses in the realm of color and form.



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