Share Your Creative Digital Work and Learn About Coworking in Westchester County

Tonight, we at The Digital Arts Experience will be hosting a WorkShare & Wine event in White Plains, Westchester County, NY! It’ll be a small informal get-together for creative professionals where you can share your work, old, new or incomplete. As “Digital Artists” ourselves, we know how hard it is, so we want to lift you up and give you positive feedback in the presence of our creative and supportive community. It’ll be a chance to network with other digital artists as well, so you can get feedback and meet ambitious artists just like yourself! Bring your print material, thumb drive or computer.

In addition to our Meetup event, we are also hosting a coworking mixer for all our amazing coworkers in the building. Creative companies like Harquin, Silverback Social, Counterspace and New York Institute for Social Media work out of our office space and we at The DAE are proud to say we’ve developed a creative coworking community with these wonderful people. As a fun way to bring them all together, we’re holding the coworking mixer event tonight so they can ALSO share their hard work and get to know each other even better. Not only that, but we want to show Westchester exactly what it means to cowork creatively because we can’t get enough of our coworkers!

We hope you’ll join us tonight at 6 pm and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

If you’re interested in attending this meetup, please check out our event site!



send us an e-mail at



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