Rob’s Tech Tip: Westchester Businesses, Check Out Workflowy to Stay Organized!

ImageI have been struggling to find a very simple and effective to do list solution that I actually use. The problem is that I have many different things going on at once, and my to do list gets super cluttered. WorkFlowy is a good solution for my needs. With WorkFlowy, I can create an item on my to-do list, and then zoom in on it and create subtasks within that one item, then zoom in on any subtask and create items within THAT. It works wonders for me because I can set up an item called The DAE, and underneath that, I can have “Marketing”, “Facility” etc. I can then zoom into “Marketing” and create items like “Social Media,” “Video,” etc. Then, within each of those, I can create subtasks.

It’s like a detailed outline for running my business, but it doesn’t get overwhelming because I can look at only one, focused set of tasks at a time!
Definitely check it out!
Thanks for reading!
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