Tech Tip: Garmin Heads Up Display – Your Best Option for a Safer GPS

Rob's Tech Tip
I recently read that the most popular GPS unit on the market is your smartphone. Every smartphone has a decent native maps application, and there are dozens of 3rd party apps out there that provide excellent navigation solutions. The issue with using a smartphone, however, is that it is illegal to use a smartphone while driving, and the repercussions of getting caught include a hefty fine and 5 points on your license. Not to mention that smartphone are typically tossed in a cup holder and require you take your eyes off the road to look at your next junction.

However, Garmin has created a product that alleviates the need to risk 5 points on your license and possibly a severe accident! The Garmin Heads Up Display is a GPS unit that projects its map and directions onto the windshield, no longer requiring you to take your eyes off the road. You can literally look at your directions and the road simultaneously. And at a price of $150, driving safely won’t break the bank. So take a look into Garmin’s Heads Up Display so you can drive safely WITHOUT getting lost!


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