Computer Programming Classes in Westchester

After School program at The Digital Arts Experience in Westchester County

Computer programming classes in Westchester at The Digital Arts Experience

The Digital Arts Experience (The DAE)’s fall after school programs have been going great so far! We have unleashed a series of new “Game Programming with Java” classes that have been wildly successful! Mark, our Java Instructor, was kind enough to give us some insight on what the kids accomplished in the 8-week long class, stating:

“During this course the students have created over a dozen custom Java classes using object-oriented techniques such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.  They have used over ten different algebraic algorithms (yes a practical use of the skills they are learning in school) and have written well over one hundred lines of code in order to make a complete game. What they have created is a complete application from scratch that is anything but trivial.  Very impressive!”

We will be offering another round of beginner level classes of “Game Programming with Java”, and happy to continue with a Part II: Intermediate level class. In addition to our Java Classes, starting the first week of December, other after school and Saturday programs will include:

  • Experience the Digital Arts: Interdisciplinary Program
  • 3D Animation & Modeling (Part I & II)
  • Arduino & Physical Computing
  • Game Programming with Java (Part I & II)
  • Stop Motion with Legos
  • 2D Animation & Cartooning
  • Digital Photography 101
  • Create a Website Using HTML5/CSS3
  • Video Art/Experimental Film
  • Songwriting/Production Workshop

If you wish to learn more about our classes, please visit our website at

Written by Cristina Calabrese, Director of Operations at The Digital Arts Experience


One thought on “Computer Programming Classes in Westchester

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Actually i am thinking about to join java programming training classes. So can you please provide me the detail about your fee structure?

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