3 Great Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Kids to a Minecraft Tournament

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Your child loves Minecraft but you’re a little hesitant about giving them too much time on the computer, especially on the weekend as it gets nice outside. Here are 3 reasons why bringing them to a Minecraft Tournament will be beneficial to their growth and happiness:

  1. It’s social. Chances are, if your child loves Minecraft, they’re going to be playing it A LOT. Alone. When kids participate in a Minecraft Tournament, they’re engaging with the other kids and parents around them, as well as the staff and judges, all while building something in a platform that’s familiar and fun.
  2. It’s fun AND structured. The kids are given build categories like “treehouse” or  “spaceship” that they must operate within. They’re also given 1 hour to build. This means they need to utilize their budding time management skills.
  3. It’s creative! Building in Minecraft is like building with UNLIMITED LEGOS. Whatever category the kids are given, they have the potential to create something truly amazing. Parents, don’t be surprised at the awe you feel when your child shows you what he or she came up with.

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