3 Reasons Minecraft is Actually Good for Kids

Imagine you have an unlimited supply of square LEGOs of all colors and materials. Now put that in a virtual world, and you have Minecraft in Creative Mode. Here are the 3 reasons building in Minecraft is great for kids:

  1. It’s creative! (Haha see what we did there?!) You’ll be amazed at what your kids dream up to build. Without real-world limitations, players have the ability to imagine anything into existence. At the DAE, we’ve seen everything from roller coasters, to spaceships, to pixel art. 
  2. It teaches project planning, persistence and collaboration. Taking a project from conception to completion is a process that can be difficult to master, especially for younger kids. The idea that Minecraft is fun and “cool” makes it easy to engage in and helps kids as they navigate the sometimes difficult prospect of overcoming obstacles to complete a creation. It also fosters collaboration, since building with a partner or group of friends is way better than building alone!
  3. Kids are forced to practice patience, have a strategy and utilize their resources. Often, beginning a project can be intimidating. Minecraft blocks are easily accessible, destroying a mistake is easy and players can fly. These things are instantly gratifying and focus away from the time it actually takes to build something incredible. Engineering concepts like use of shape, color, dimensions, and scalability are also put to use during the build process. Patience pays off when playing in creative mode. We love watching our kids put the last block into place and stand back to marvel at their creations. An hour certainly flies by when they’re having fun!

Moral of the story: Minecraft can be awesome. Next time the kids need something to do, help them come up with an idea for something to build in Minecraft Creative Mode!

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