Simon Cadel: A One of a Kind Comedian from Westchester

Simon Cadel is a one-of-a-kind kid. At the young age of thirteen, he has already begun his standup comedy career and worked hard to support a local nonprofit. Family Services of Westchester (FSW) is a private nonprofit agency in Westchester that offers social and mental health services for children, teens, adults and senior citizens in order to provide as much support for them as possible. Such programs include teen leadership programs, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and HeadStart, just to name a few.

Simon recently organized a comedy show, “Laugh Til It Helps,” at The Digital Arts Experience with his fellow young comedian friends to raise money for FSW and further their cause. The show was a great success and brought in $1,000 for FSW. Furthermore, it had been a dream of Simon’s to hold a comedy show to benefit a charity; to have that sort of ambition and thoughtfulness at 13 years old makes him stand apart from his peers. His knack for comedy is just the extra step that makes him such an outstanding kid.

Simon’s been classified not as a kid comedian, as the Digital Family Summit notes, “he’s a comedian who happens to be a kid.” Basically, he’s young for most comedians, but his delivery, presence and sense of humor show that he’s quick, witty and far more clever than the typical teen. He began studying comedy two years ago, attending camps, the Kids ‘N Comedy classes at the Gotham Comedy Club, and after-school programs.

Simon performed at showcases, videos of which circulated on YouTube and got the attention of comedy clubs like The Comic Strip Live and New York Comedy Club. Both clubs booked him for primetime weekend shows, despite the fact that otherwise, his age would not allow him to go inside! “I’m way too young to be here,” Simon had said when he first walked onstage at The Comic Strip Live. Maybe, but he’s also way too clever to be missed.

The DAE is proud and excited to see our student exhibiting such skill and creativity in his performances. We’ve even had the pleasure of having him do standup at The DAE’s first Open Mic in August, where his confidence and talent allowed him to shine and be completely unfazed by the audience. Simon is currently enrolled in our brand-new class, Game Programming with Java, which excites us to welcome him into The DAE community. Therefore, we’re more than happy to support his efforts in raising money for FSW or calling attention to important causes.

This Saturday, he’ll be participating in another great comedy night, Standup For Peace, which aims to bring comedy and matters of political importance together to open up the conversation. Standup For Peace is a show put on by the well-known political comedians, Scott Blakeman and Dean Obeidallah, to unite all ethnic/religious backgrounds in support of peace in the Middle East and worldwide.

Blakeman and Obeidallah have used their comedic talent to promote tolerance and peace at this critically acclaimed show for the past ten years. Now, Simon will be opening up for these big name comedians in order to show his support for the cause and it promises to be a hilarious night that you won’t want to miss. Standup For Peace is coming to The Purple Crayon in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY this Saturday, October 19th from 8pm-10pm. (Tickets can be purchased for $20 here.) We hope you will go out and support our student comedian and his great causes, see for yourself how great of a show he puts on!


This past weekend, Simon and his blogger mom Betsy spoke at the 2013 Digital Family Summit on Kid Fame: Right for Your Kid? Or You?. In November, Simon will be auditioning for America’s Got Talent and performing at Gotham Comedy Club, so keep an eye out for him!

Simon’s YouTube page can be found at, check it out!


Happy Helping-Days Holiday Soirée & Silent Auction

This past Friday, The Digital Arts Experience hosted its first annual, “Happy Helping-Days Holiday Soirée & Silent Auction.”  It was a wonderful evening, chock full of delicious food provided by ShopRite and drinks from Tony Russo via Aries Wine & Liquor. Many friends, family, and newcomers to the boastful 8,000 sq. foot facility in the heart of downtown White Plains trickled through the doors for a good cause.

Attendees were greeted at the front and given a “swag bag”, containing all of the necessary materials needed to participate in the auction.  After being welcomed in, participants were given the chance to pose next to The DAE logo for a fancy photo opportunity.  Upon entering the facility, everyone was serenaded on keyboard by pianist Rick Prokop of the Music Conservatory, who played a variety of Beatles songs, Christmas songs, and other mood-setters.

Throughout the course of the evening, The DAE managed to raise few Washingtons for March of Dimes911 FUND and The Music Conservatory of Westchester. Among the many items up for bid  were Boutique pillows courtesy of Pillow Penchant, a trip for 10 to the Blues Jean Bar of Greenwich, as well as a Gift basket courtesy of Famous Westchester Mom-Blogger Dagmar Bleasdale.
On top of all that, Huffington Post Pop-culture-ist Jon Chattman conducted the live auction portion of our evening to the tune of jolly laughter from all in attendance.
The Digital Arts Experience would like to thank all those who donated their items, time, money, smiles, and support to these wonderful organizations.