The Impact of Corporate Partners for Coworking Spaces

by Sam Melton

Verizon recently partnered with HarlemGarage to equip the Manhattan incubator space with Verizon FiOS Quantum Internet. HarlemGarage’s West 118th Street location will receive 6 months of Internet service pro bono from the provider to support the innovative companies that use the space.

This partnership, just one of many, illustrates the positive effect that alliances between coworking stations and large corporate enterprises can have on shared work spaces.

The concept of business incubators, developed in the late 1990s, has grown into a global network of collaborative work environments. Remote workers and start-up entrepreneurs, no longer confined to home offices and coffee shops, can now benefit from coworking sites, supported in part by big corporations. For start-ups and venture capital initiatives, the arrangement couldn’t be better. 

Members of coworking spaces have access to more opportunities and amenities than they would at other offsite locations – without individual responsibility for technical installations, updates and bills. With a single membership, a HarlemGarage participant can enjoy the benefits of an office space – like advanced technology, easy collaboration and free exchange of ideas – without the additional costs of managing services on their own.

But individual workers and small start-ups aren’t the only ones who benefit from coworking spaces and business incubators. Multinational corporations who partner with and provide service to collaborative workspaces are also seeing benefits.

Why Multinationals are Teaming Up with Coworking Sites

According to the 2013 Global Coworking Census, which surveyed 2,498 coworking spaces in 80 countries, Europe has the largest coworking presence, followed by North America and Asia. A growth segment in business leasing contracts, coworking sites have increased by 89% since 2012, a growth of more than 300% from 2010.

Multinational corporations spend a great deal of energy and capital on research and development, and entrepreneurial schemes are often the source of new innovation. Large organizations can add value to their portfolio without starting from scratch by acquiring start-ups after they go public. The truth is that major corporations are thirsty for new talent and ideas – something that start-ups and small companies often have in spades.

Business incubators are a great source of such intelligence. And supporting these ventures in a coworking space can enhance that value tenfold – shared spaces are often comprised of a number of savvy ventures waiting to be bought and capitalized on. Sponsorship of coworking enterprises allows large companies to donate finance, time and resources across sectors in a single contribution – and often get tangible returns.

Coworking spaces with corporate partners put start-ups and entrepreneurs in contact with high profile business networks that can have impact far into the future. And the resulting exchange of knowledge and ideas is a highly sought after resource for major organizations and their professionals. Smart professionals acknowledge that interacting with emerging names and startups in their fields at these sites is a substantial boon for their own careers.

Coworking spaces aren’t just good for those starting out – they’re also good for well-established, multinational corporations. Everyone wins. And it’s for this reason that the future of coworking partnerships with large organizations is bright.

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The World’s Top Minds Discuss Branding in a Digital World | November 20th in Westchester

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Next week, The Digital Arts Experience (The DAE) will hold the first of its new DAE Discussion Series, “Branding in a Digital World: How to Stay in Your Lane.” This exciting and informative panel event will feature three of Westchester’s most prevalent branding authorities and will be moderated by Sara James, Director of Membership at the Business Council of Westchester. The event will open with a keynote on the relevance of branding by John Zanzarella, Chief Marketing Officer at Silverback Social.

Social media expert Chris Dessi (CEO of Silverback Social  and a Producer of the Westchester Digital Summit) teams up with Creative Director Sherry Bruck (Harquin Creative Group) and award-winning designer Brett Yancey Collins (counterspace) in a discussion that will inspire you rethink how your brand can work for YOU in an ever-changing digital landscape.

If you own a business, are starting a business, or you make a career of marketing, this is the event for you.

What you can expect to learn:

  • What your consumers retain about your brand.
  • How your brand can work for you in the digital age.
  • How to measure your brand’s impact on your audience.
  • What the drivers of brand credibility are.
What else you can expect from this evening:
  • A relaxing night of wine and hors d’eouvres
  • Networking with other creative professionals
  • Exploring The DAE’s innovative coworking community
Networking will begin at 6:30 PM, followed by a keynote at 7:00 PM with the panel beginning promptly at 7:15 PM.

Share Your Creative Digital Work and Learn About Coworking in Westchester County

Tonight, we at The Digital Arts Experience will be hosting a WorkShare & Wine event in White Plains, Westchester County, NY! It’ll be a small informal get-together for creative professionals where you can share your work, old, new or incomplete. As “Digital Artists” ourselves, we know how hard it is, so we want to lift you up and give you positive feedback in the presence of our creative and supportive community. It’ll be a chance to network with other digital artists as well, so you can get feedback and meet ambitious artists just like yourself! Bring your print material, thumb drive or computer.

In addition to our Meetup event, we are also hosting a coworking mixer for all our amazing coworkers in the building. Creative companies like Harquin, Silverback Social, Counterspace and New York Institute for Social Media work out of our office space and we at The DAE are proud to say we’ve developed a creative coworking community with these wonderful people. As a fun way to bring them all together, we’re holding the coworking mixer event tonight so they can ALSO share their hard work and get to know each other even better. Not only that, but we want to show Westchester exactly what it means to cowork creatively because we can’t get enough of our coworkers!

We hope you’ll join us tonight at 6 pm and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

If you’re interested in attending this meetup, please check out our event site!



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Coworking in a Creative Space

by Remy Kuhn, intern

Artist, lawyer, accountant, engineer, retailer, designer, you all have a certain idea about the type of place you’re supposed to work. Many business professionals are used to a typical office building with cubicles, a conference room, private desks, stylish spaces, etc. Then, there are the entrepreneurs who work out of their own homes for a startup and are sometimes frowned upon because it is too laid back of an environment and, thus, not as legitimate. However, it’s truly the type of profession you have that determines what space may work best for that particular job. Some may feel that being in a four-wall confined workspace helps them focus and get the job done, especially in the corporate world.

We here at The Digital Arts Experience, however, recognize that the creative fields are the exception where things are done a little differently. Creative fields working differently in less confined spaces is not something that should be looked down upon or not taken seriously; it is just a completely separate field. Creativity promotes working together, where having a friendly, inviting environment and an inspiring place is a top priority.

At The DAE, we have created a coworking space for creative individuals and business to work in an environment where their ideas are encouraged and improved. Coworking for creative companies allows for a means of a support system where creative juices are always flowing. Groups of people to turn to for advice, second opinions on projects and ideas, approval of your work and assistance push you to your greatest potential through providing constructive criticism. Working in these types of places is all about interaction, bouncing ideas off each other and constant communication.

I know that when I work in the art studio at school or when I come into work at The DAE, being around people and seeing others work creatively inspires me to get started and makes it easier to stay in the creative mode. When you see other talented people work and you get their input on new ideas, it only makes you want to do just as good of a job, if not better, because a little healthy creative competition will produce the best outcome!

As an artist, I know that design has a lot to do with interaction and communication because when designing for a website, logo, company, etc, you want to make sure that users understand and enjoy it as well. Collaboration allows people to add to each other’s ideas, which produces the best possible web interfaces and media design that are user-friendly and appealing to look at the same time.

In The DAE’s space, we have Silverback Social, Harquin Creative Group, New York Institute of Social Media, Counterspace, as well as many individuals who come in on a regular basis to use our facility. Our community provides a friendly working environment so, instead of dreading work in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, our coworkers are constantly communicating and becoming friends with each other, further fostering creative growth. We are proud to offer our space to such talented people whose expert advice and input helps us all reach our highest potential each day! Connecting with and surrounding yourself with fellow creative people in the workplace is key to a successful creative business!