DSLR Photography Classes for Adults in Westchester, Scarsdale & White Plains. Learn Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed. Finally take that digital camera off auto!

Adults can now enroll in Digital Photography classes at the Digital Arts Experience in Westchester and surrounding communities: Scarsdale, Valhalla, Rye, Larchmont, White Plains, Tarrytown and others. In our class, students learn the three core components of a DSLR camera that will have them taking incredible photos: aperture, ISO & shutter speed.

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Our classes go over the information you need in a fun, stress-free setting and we don’t bog you down with jargon.

Enroll now: TheDAE.com/adultclasses


Adult Classes in Photography, Coding, 3D Printing, Video Editing, Creating a Website & More in Westchester County

STEM/STEAM (Science Technology Engineering (Arts &) Math) Education isn’t just for kids in White Plains, Scarsdale, Valhalla, Larchmont and surrounding communities, but for adults as well. Watch DAE Founder & President Rob Kissner talk about our new DSLR Photography, Video Editing, Creating a Website, 3D Printing and Programming classes for adults.


A tight-knit community. We are all lifelong learners.
An escape. Life is crazy. Tech is fun.
Enthusiasts, leaders and innovators. We enjoy working with technology and get excited to share our knowledge with family and friends.
Role models for our kids. Because if we don’t adapt & grow with tech, how can we expect them to?
An experience. Things come and go but experiences last a lifetime.

Visit us: TheDAE.com/adultclasses

Call us: 914-644-8100

Email us: info@thedae.com

Rob’s Tech Tip of the Week

Rob's Tech Tip of the Week

A DSLR might be the wrong choice.

The common misconception is that buying a super high end DSLR will mean that you will take better pictures. This is not the case. The most important question to ask yourself when shopping for a camera is, “How am I going to use my camera?” If the answer is that you are planning taking snapshots of your family, then buying a DLSR is a waste of money. DSLRs are heavy, take up a ton of space, and are not convenient to pull out and grab a few shots. You’ll find that you’ll end up just leaving your DSLR at home and taking pictures with your cell phone. Point and shoot cameras are very high in quality and are smaller, lighter, and more convenient.