Late Summer Computer and STEM Camp in White Plains of Westchester at The Digital Arts Experience

Summer STEM Camps

We’ve got you covered! While other camps end before August does, The Digital Arts Experience’s computer and STEM summer camps in White Plains of Westchester County, NY, keep on going into the first week of September. Listen to President Rob Kissner talk about how you should end your kids’ summer.

With courses in 3D Printing, Animation, Graphic Design, and more STEM subjects to choose from, your child is sure to find a program that they are interested in! Allow your children to finish their summer at the most fun and educational summer camp in Westchester.

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Jeff Soto, programming Instructor at The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains, Westchester, NY.

New STEM and programming courses for kids in Westchester!

We, here at The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains, Westchester NY, are proud and excited to announce two NEW programming and web development courses for kids that we are currently adding, and a few extra courses coming this year!

Text-Adventures with Java:

We will be teaching an advanced Java Course that will build off of and develop the skills learned in our Java 101 Course. Students will spend time learning how developers in the real-world face complex problems. They will learn how to think ambiguously, write pseudocode, and develop algorithms to solve the problems they will encounter as they progress through the course. Furthermore, their Final Project will be in the form of a text-adventure, in which, the students will create their own story-line. Our objective is to teach the Java language in depth, while facilitating a fun, creative, engaging, and hands-on experience that encourages curiosity, teamwork, and critical thinking. This course will be a prerequisite to one of our future courses coming this year; Web Applications with Java: Hard-Coding a 2D game.

Programming 101 using Ruby:

This course is specifically designed to teach the core concepts of programming. We have designed the curriculum with the goal of teaching our students to think like a programmer. Students will learn to embrace abstract thought and practice common coding conventions. Being able to code with convention and conciseness in mind, is key to creating beautiful reusable code, that can be distributed worldwide. The Ruby programming language is currently sky-rocketing within the software industry, with employers seeking candidates whom are not only educated in the language, but are able to think pragmatically. This course assumes no prior programming experience, but is equally useful for those on an intermediate level.


  • Intro to JavaScript
  • Intro to jQuery
  • HTML5 Canvas: Game Development for The Web
  • Web Applications with Ruby on Rails
  • Android App Development with Android Studio
  • iOS App Development with Swift
  • Java Applets: 2D Game Creation

Why Take These Courses?

To put it simply…. because you should become digitally literate. Programming is, in essence, applied Math and Science. It teaches us to think smarter, faster, and more efficiently. It’s no secret that software and computers are changing our society. With so many of our industries relying on Software Programs to automate their daily tasks, it’s becoming more and more evident that we need to educate not only ourselves, but our youth. The tech industry is booming. Job growth is estimated to increase between 20% and 30% for Computer related fields by the year 2020. Employers are seeking computer literate individuals more than ever before. To add to that, in 2013, a study conducted by the Census Bureau found that 83.8% of households reported computer ownership, and 73.4% reported internet use. With STEM technology rapidly evolving and embedding itself in our daily lives, it is imperative that we learn how computers communicate, and what goes into creating, reading, and writing software programs. Below is a small list of a few jobs in the software industry and their respected average salaries: (Keep in mind the estimated 30% job growth in this industry)

1) Java Developers

2) Ruby Developers

3) Web Developers

To sum it up, we urge you to come learn with us. Tell your friends and family, and spread the word. The Digital Arts Experience of White Plains in Westchester is committed to empowering today’s youth, as well as, any adult whom wants to learn or sharpen their digital skills! Contact us via email, phone, or website. Thank you for reading!

-Jeff, Software Instructor at The Digital Arts Experience

Jeff Soto, programming Instructor at The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains, Westchester, NY.

Jeff Soto, programming Instructor at The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains, Westchester, NY.

To learn more about the programming, web development (HTML5), coding and STEM classes that we are offering for kids and teens in Westchester County, visit our website at

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To view our Summer STEM Camps, click here.

After School STEM Programs in Westchester

Written by Cristina Calabrese, Director of Operations & Founding member of The Digital Arts Experience

When The Digital Arts Experience (The DAE) of White Plains opened its doors in July 2012, our main purpose was to provide After School & Summer Tech Camps to kids and teens throughout Westchester County.

As The DAE began to expand upon the courses taught inside our facility, so did the demand for us to bring our programs offsite as well. With this came the idea for our Mobile Classroom, The DAExpress (The Digital Arts Express).

The DAExpress was created to provide the most cutting edge technology in a state of the art learning environment available to the Westchester community.

Inside The Digital Arts Express, or The DAExpress.

Inside The Digital Arts Express, or The DAExpress.

Able to accommodate up to 10 students at once, The DAExpress is designed to act as one of our classrooms on wheels. With this mobile computer lab, we can offer nearly every single class that we teach in our White Plains facility, anywhere in Westchester, Southern Connecticut and Rockland.

The DAExpress is equipped with 10 brand new Mac Book Pros, a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer, and the best digital teaching tools. We bring The DAE to you!

Since its inception in September, we’ve run classes and programs with nearly 15+ unique local schools and organizations, including:

  • Children’s Village of Dobbs Ferry
  • Don Bosco Community Center
  • Greenville School
  • Greenwich Academy
  • Greenwich Country Day School
  • Heathcote Elementary
  • JCC on the Hudson
  • Rye Arts Center
  • SAR Academy
  • Seeley Place
  • Solomon Schechter School of Westchester: Upper & Lower School
  • Westchester Hebrew High School
  • Westchester Library System
  • Westfield Day School
  • White Plains YMCA
  • White Plains Youth Bureau

…and more! We also run private, custom classes that we bring right to your door.

Students at Solomon Schechter show off their final projects in Scratch coding!

Students at Solomon Schechter show off their final projects in Scratch coding!

In addition to that, we don’t always use our Mobile Classroom when we travel to schools. Often times we will drive over and use the school’s computer room or media lab and provide classes out of there. In many cases, schools and organizations do not have the necessary equipment to provide such classes on their own. That is one of the reasons that The DAExpress came about.

The DAExpress allows us to bring everything: instructor, class content, and equipment. And the best part is – we come to you! Topics that we teach include:

  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • 3D Minecraft Animation
  • 3D Printing
  • Game Programming with Java
  • Graphic Design
  • Introduction to Computer Science with Python
  • Scratch Coding
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Visual FX & Video Production
Animation Instructor Nicholas Sceusa teaching 3D Minecraft Animation using a powerful 3D Animation program, Blender.

Animation Instructor Nicholas Sceusa teaching 3D Minecraft Animation using a powerful 3D Animation program, Blender.

We can also provide Professional Development to school staff. In short, there is a lot we could do with our Mobile Classroom. As time goes by, we discover new and unique uses for it. We are excited to keep it “rolling” and see where the future takes us!

Do you know of a school or local organization in need of After School STEM related programming? Contact us at or feel free to visit our website to learn more.

Winter Break Programs for kids in Westchester

School Break and Winter Programs for kids in Westchester

Interdisciplinary Classes for Kids In Westchester at The Digital Arts Experience

Interdisciplinary Classes for Kids In Westchester at The Digital Arts Experience

The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains is pleased to announce that they will be hosting a 4-day long Winter Break Boot Camp for the kids and teens of Westchester County.

Experience the Digital Arts: Interdisciplinary Program (Ages 9-12)

This customized program is designed to provide the students with the opportunity to experience and experiment with various fields in the digital arts, including: 2D Animation & Visual Effects, Video Production, Graphic Design, Audio & Sound Effects. Each student will work hands-on with and gain foundational knowledge in the professional level hardware and software used in each area of  study.

The students will work at The Digital Arts Experience from 9:00AM – 4:00PM on:

Thursday, Dec. 26th
Friday, Dec. 27th
Monday, Dec. 30th
Tuesday, Dec. 31st

There will be 2 90 minute breaks throughout the day, and a lunch break as well. (Lunch will not be included)

They will create, plan and produce a multi-media project. The project will include planning/storyboarding, shooting, and editing video, creating animated titles and adding visual effects, adding sound effects and an original score, and designing a movie poster.

The tuition for this customized program is $550 per student. Each student will spend a total of 35 hours in our facility throughout the 4 days, resulting in cost of approximately $137.50 per day per student or approximately $19.60 per hour per student. Nothing else will be required to bring in besides a USB flash drive so each student can save their work.

To register, please follow this link:

Feel free to e-mail Cristina at, or give a call to (914) 644-8100 if you have any questions or comments.

Coding Class: Learning the Language of the Future in Westchester County

by Megan Johnson, intern

If you don’t know anything about coding, you could be missing out on being fluent in what the New York Times calls “the language du jour”.

Anthony Edwards and Michelle Meyrink in "Revenge of the Nerds" (1984).

Anthony Edwards and Michelle Meyrink in “Revenge of the Nerds” (1984) – “The computer’s your friend.”

For years, computer programming has had an uncool reputation, bringing to mind images of Revenge of the Nerds (see above picture). Depictions like this made programming seem like it was just for “nerds,” and wasn’t worth learning. But Gilbert (Anthony Edwards) in the above scene says to Judy (Michelle Meyrink):

“Some people, they can create with their hands, but when you’re working with a computer, you gotta build something with your mind. If you’re good, you can do something no one’s ever seen before. It’s a definite high.”

According to USA Today, one MIT student acknowledges this “nerdy” computer programmer stereotype such as the one in Revenge of the Nerds is just not true anymore in the MIT student body and “[students] can make all these things that society values. That, right there, is making the typical geek cool.”

Among today’s students, there will be a new Mark Zuckerberg, creating the next hottest social network, or a new Steve Jobs, inventing sleek and unique tech that has 1,417 people lined up early in the morning. More importantly, there will be new names, new faces, new jobs, new opportunities for today’s generation.

A New York Times article published last year explains the recent need and desire to learn the language of coding:

[People’s] jobs now require being able to customize a blog’s design or care for and feed an online database. “Inasmuch as you need to know how to read English, you need to have some understanding of the code that builds the Web”…

“People have a genuine desire to understand the world we now live in,” said Zach Sims, one of the founders of Codecademy. “They don’t just want to use the Web; they want to understand how it works.”

There is an urge now to harness the knowledge that has been so exclusive to computer programmers for years and learn how this technology we use every day works from the very basics of Java, HTML and CSS. It’s a transition from a more passive acceptance that this amazing content is generated every day to an active pursuit of figuring out how that data generation occurs.

Perhaps this explains the popularity of the computer science major these days. The passive-to-active transition is reflected in the Computing Research Association‘s 2011-2012 report through the steadily increasing number of computer science majors over the past five years, particularly the increase of 29.2% between 2011 and 2012. Furthermore, the Department of Labor reports that computer programming jobs are growing at a rate of 12% from 2010-2020 and paying an average annual salary of $71,380. Students who seek to learn computer programming or just how to code will be positioning themselves as more competitive professionally by acquiring these advanced skills.

Computer programming is an industry of growth, so it’s about time we learn to speak its language. The Atlantic Wire explains six different reasons a non-programmer should learn coding, including that it’s fun, it teaches other skills and can be useful to know just as another tool. For our students, we offer Game Programming with Java because we believe that it’s important to expose them to the language of computer code when they’re young so they can get the chance to pursue a new hobby or just acquire a useful skill for their futures.

Whether you learn just enough to say you know it or pursue it as a career, there is value, as the New York Times article states, in learning code.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: After School & Custom Classes for Kids in Westchester County

Students from Mary Bethune H.S., Greenburgh 11 of the Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry have been taking classes at The Digital Arts Experience since the summer of 2012. Watch the video below to learn more about their story and about our work with these students!

Interested in Unique Westchester After-School Programs? Stop Motion with Legos Program a Success at The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains

by Cristina Calabrese: Director of Operations


Throughout the summer, we at The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains of Westchester County ran programs for kids and teens in various different areas including: 2D/3D Animation, Graphic Design, Moviemaking, Photography, and Web Design with HTML/CSS. For our final week, with the tip from a very wise mother of one of our students, we decided to pilot a “Stop Motion with Legos” class for kids ages 9-12.

Never having done a formal Stop Motion class at The Digital Arts Experience before, I decided to consult our animation expert, Nicholas Sceusa. Nick excels in any task that we ask of him, so I had no doubt he would transform this class into something fun, interactive and most of all, informative and a great learning experience for the kids.

We helped Nick set up his classroom by pairing each of our 21.5″ iMac computers with external HD webcams, provided Legos, and downloaded the open source, free program Frame by Frame. The class ran as a 1-week Boot Camp session: Monday through Friday from 9AM – 4PM.

As for class structure, Nick began the class by introducing himself and allowed the kids to talk a little bit about themselves and what they’d like to accomplish in the class. He then went over basic concepts with frame rate & FPS and had them do simple experiments using coins. Important standards of practice such as proper file management, storyboarding and project planning, making sure you are working on a clean surface, and how to set up your camera were among other topics taught to the kids early to ensure that they were working efficiently.

Once they transitioned into Legos, the kids came up with amazing project ideas. Some even brought in their own Legos from home and really created amazing stop motion animations. After finishing their projects in Frame by Frame, they exported their projects and used Adobe AfterEffects to add in sound effects and special light effects such as explosions, laser beams and animated titles.

Check out some of the student’s final projects here:

Want to get your kid in on the stop motion excitement?

We’ll be running it after-school, on weekends and during winter & spring school breaks!


Tuesdays starting Sept. 17th from 4PM – 6PM – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Saturdays starting Sept. 21st from 10AM – 12PM – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Monday, Feb. 17th – Friday, Feb. 21st


Monday, Apr. 14th – Friday, Apr. 18th

or give us a call (914) 644-8100
or e-mail us!

Team DAE’s Digital Arts News

By Megan Johnson, Intern

Our team loves reading & learning about technology, especially when it has an artistic spin on it.  From photography to animation, there is so much going on in the tech world, we can’t possibly expect you to keep up with it. So we searched for what’s happening in the digital world today! Check out what we compiled for you this week!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Rob’s Tech Tip of the Week

Rob's Tech Tip

At one time, the only way to record professionally quality music was to go to a major studio and spend thousands of dollars. Now you can make professional sounding recordings only using your iPad! All you need is an app like GarageBand and the Blue Spark. The Spark is a recording studio quality condenser microphone that plugs directly into your iPad, iPad mini or Mac and sounds amazing on any source. Now when the inspiration strikes, all you need is pull out your iPad and your Spark and capture your creativity!

Final Summer Camp Open House

The Digital Arts Experience (The DAE) of White Plains hosted its final Open House before the start of its summer camps this past Saturday, June 29th. The DAE opened its doors to all those interested in learning more about its facility and the programs offered for kids and teens of Westchester.

Attendees were greeted with a personalized, warm welcome from a DAE staff member, and promptly given a specialized tour of the facility. Topics covered were 2D/3D Animation, Graphic Design, Moviemaking, Photography and Web Design. In addition, features of the DAE’s 8,000 sq. ft. facility were highlighted – its in house, fully equipped recording studio, its professional photography & video studio, classrooms, main event space, and podcasting studio.

The Digital Arts Experience (The DAE) is a community focused learning & production facility located in downtown White Plains that teaches courses for kids, teens and adults in Animation, Graphic Design, Moviemaking, Photography, Web Design, Blogging, computer/smart phone basics and more. In addition to teaching classes, The DAE also offers creative and design services to help your business grow. With their in-house professional photography/video studio, fully equipped recording studio, 4 computer labs with all of the latest professional software and industry active staff, The DAE prides itself on being not only a resource for the community, but a productive place you can go to meet other like-minded individuals who share your interests.

Starting the 2nd week of July, The DAE will be running Summer Camps for kids. The summer programs are designed to engage your child in fun, skill building multi-media projects in their chosen area of interest in either: Animation, Graphic Design, Photography, Moviemaking or Web Design. The classes are small with a maximum of 6 kids, 100% hands on and focus on collaboration so your kid/teen will develop social, technical and creative skills, and also leave with completed projects for a portfolio or college application! Check out The DAE’s summer promo video.

Click here to apply to our summer programs:!