Learning About Vine and Stop-Motion Animation in Westchester

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by Megan Johnson, intern

Ever since Vine, the app that lets you record looping 6-second videos, debuted in January of this year, it has been a hit amongst stop-motion animators. All a Vine recording requires is that you press your thumb down on the screen to record and lift it to stop. So, for stop-motion aficionados, that easily translates to creating your own stop-motion animations.
For those of you who are interested in exploring the stop-motion world, check out these tips, provided by the pro Viners themselves: 

1. Come up with an idea!

No (successful) stop-motion clip can be spontaneous. Plan out what you’re going to do in your 6 seconds and figure out what your goal is for this Vine. Pro Viner, Frank Danna, recommends asking yourself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” if you have “Viner’s Block.”

2. Plan. Rome wasn’t Vined in a day!

Much like longer-length productions, you’ll need to organize your Vine by breaking down your shots and figuring out what you’ll have to do – for more complex Vines, this may involve storyboarding! This helps you stay on track and constant throughout the filming process. “I typically begin with rough sketches or written walkthroughs that help me keep the story of my Vine intact and insure consistency from start to finish,” says Danna.

From here, you can figure out not only where your Vine will end up, but also what props and camera angles you may need. If you want to ensure steady shots, get a tripod or a makeshift tripod to keep your stop-motion animation looking flawless.

3. Cut frequently!

You’ve got way more time than you think you have. 6 seconds seems long to us, but in the realm of stop-motion animation, it’s a long time. You have so many possibilities!

Just look at Ben Wyatt (on NBC’s Parks and Recreation) as his hard work of three weeks led to 3 seconds of stop-motion:

Don’t worry, yours won’t be as bad.

4. Use the ghost feature!

Some of you may not even realize this exists, but pro Viner and video producer Ian Padgham recommends using Vine’s ghost feature. It allows you to have a ghost layer while you’re filming, so that if you bump the shot at all, you can view the last scene with ease by tapping the ghost in the bottom right corner

5. Take a screenshot for looping!

Padgham also recommends that, if you want to have a great, smoothly looping Vine, you should take a screenshot of your first shot so that you know exactly how to end your video to look just like the beginning.

Maybe you can even aspire to be as great as these guys (but don’t be ashamed if your first attempt isn’t quite as awe-inducing!)

Happy Vining and hope you have as much fun with it as we do! Check out our Vines by following @thedaexperience.

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Tech Tip: Garmin Heads Up Display – Your Best Option for a Safer GPS

Rob's Tech Tip
I recently read that the most popular GPS unit on the market is your smartphone. Every smartphone has a decent native maps application, and there are dozens of 3rd party apps out there that provide excellent navigation solutions. The issue with using a smartphone, however, is that it is illegal to use a smartphone while driving, and the repercussions of getting caught include a hefty fine and 5 points on your license. Not to mention that smartphone are typically tossed in a cup holder and require you take your eyes off the road to look at your next junction.

However, Garmin has created a product that alleviates the need to risk 5 points on your license and possibly a severe accident! The Garmin Heads Up Display is a GPS unit that projects its map and directions onto the windshield, no longer requiring you to take your eyes off the road. You can literally look at your directions and the road simultaneously. And at a price of $150, driving safely won’t break the bank. So take a look into Garmin’s Heads Up Display so you can drive safely WITHOUT getting lost!

Rob’s Tech Tip: Google Now


If you are a Google user, Google Now is a great way to stay on top of everything you have going on in your live. From a single window, you can see what’s coming up in your schedule, check weather in your current location, see that status of your stocks, check the traffic on the way home and much, much more. What’s even more amazing is if you use Chrome and set up your user account, when you Google something, say tracking a flight, the status of that flight will automatically show up in Google Now. Google Now comes integrated right into an Android phone, and has an app for iPhone. With Google now, you can manage all of the important info in your digital life in one single window!

WIRED.COM SAYS: Paint Jobs: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Colorful Gadgets

This article was shared from Wired.com because we love learning about technology from them and we do not take any credit for anything written or any pictures taken below!
Paint Jobs: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Colorful Gadgets
by Roberto Baldwin
If Internet chatter is to be believed, Apple is about to drop a rainbow-infused group of iPhone 5Cs on all of us.

While the iPod line has been a colorful experience for a few years now, the iPhone has only been available in black and white. But that’s about to change, it seems. Apple’s going all second-generation iMac on us with the new iPhone 5C. (“C” probably stands for Color. We’ll find out Tuesday.) Depending on the company’s choices, this could be a spectacular way to expand and individualize the iPhone line or a colossal spinning color wheel of disaster.

Apple, of course, is far from the only company trying to inject some color into the often monochromatic world of gadgets. And the results aren’t always pretty. Here are some hits and misses in the realm of color and form.


Team DAE’s Fave Artistically-Inclined Articles from Wired.com

By Emily Angell

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.00.24 PM

Our team loves reading & learning about technology, especially when it has an artistic spin on it.  From photography to animation, there is so much going on in the tech world, we can’t possibly expect you to keep up with it.  That’s why we’ve scoured one of our favorite tech sites: Wired.Com to bring you these amazing artistically-inclined technology articles on this very spectacular Saturday! 🙂


Enjoy your weekend!