THE PRO AUDIO WEB BLOG SAYS: A Quick and Dirty Guide to EQ’ing

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by Aaron Kusterer

A Quick and Dirty Guide to EQ’ing

Treble, mid, bass. High frequency, low frequency. These terms all relate to the EQ (or equalizer) for any sort of aural vibration and its accompanying adjustment. Without going into a large amount of detail on the inner workings of the ear and how it picks up sound, there are good and bad frequencies and the goal of a mix engineer is to make the best parts of his mix stand out to the listener without killing them. Getting a mix to that point though is much easier said than done. First off, you want to have a good, clean recording of all the instruments involved. And secondly, you have to get them to sound nice together through a pair of speakers. One of the first things to do is to utilize an EQ. But before we can start EQing, we need to go over a few pre-EQ concepts.


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SILVERBACK SOCIAL SAYS: “Social Media: The Next Generation’s Dead End Job?”

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I used to work for a prestigious college in the Westchester area as Director of Digital and Social Media.  While there, I was often invited by the heads of student organizations and other clubs to talk about what a career in social looked like and how students could properly use it: sort of like Social Media 101.  It was great. Until Q+A time, when I heard the following, over and over:

“I’m studying political science, but there are no jobs, so I’m just going to do social media instead”

– OR –

“I’m studying biology, but it’s really difficult so I want to do social media instead. I do it everyday anyway and even manage my cousin’s pizzeria’s Facebook page.  What’s so hard about it?”

Really?  REALLY?

Therein lies my fear: social media is becoming the next generation’s dead end job.

Actually, it gets worse. It’s already happening… READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE