Computer Programming, Coding, 3D Printing, Animation, Video Game Design, Building in Minecraft, Scratch, Python, Java and Graphic Design Classes Begin in Westchester County on January 21, 2017

Let’s face it — kids can take a Scratch Programming class in many different places throughout Westchester County, or do the Hour of Code from home. There are a million and one ways to learn about 3D printing, computer programming or animation. You get the picture… And so do we.

But there’s the thing: experience. Meaningful learning is all about the experience. Knowledge retention happens when a person can put emotion behind the skills they learn.

Think about driving. Someone can show you or tell you how to drive all day long while you’re in the passenger’s seat, but until you get in the driver’s seat, get your hands on the wheel, put on your blinker, run over a few curbs and get pulled over for speeding, you really don’t learn very much. (We don’t encourage speeding, by the way! It was a metaphor…)

At the DAE, students drive. They get their hands on the tech. They try to go too fast and run into problems. We teach our kids about failure and how not to panic when something goes wrong — about how glitches are good because they teach us what we need to fix. We encourage thoughtfulness and problem solving, discussion and thinking outside the box.

Our world is so fast. It’s easy to throw information at people (especially kids) and expect them to get it. (Those kids with their iPads just know how to do all the things!) Classes at the DAE are different. They’re inclusive. They’re project-based. And they’re fun! We invite you to visit us and find out why.

Winter classes begin this weekend! January 21, 2017.

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Scratch Day Competition at The DAE in Westchester NY

By Lory Murariu, Intern

The Digital Arts Experience is hosting a Scratch Day event on May 9th from 12:30 to 2pm!

Scratch Day

But what is this day all about? Scratch Day is a global event that is held on the same day, May 9th, but is hosted in many different communities around the world. Teachers, parents, and students gather at their nearest Scratch Day location to not just celebrate the release of Scratch, but all of the creative projects made.

Scratch is a free programming language where anyone can create their own artwork, games, and animations through the simplified basics of computer programming. The world of Scratch is a fun and entertaining way to educate youth about math and science while integrating art, and music.

We are hosting a Game-Off, where participants will be challenged to create their own original game built in Scratch within a time frame. Whoever programs the most creative and original game will take home a 3D printed prize. We are so excited and can’t wait to see what everyone will make!

For more information on Scratch Day 2015 click here.

For more details on our Scratch Day event click here.

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