Simon Cadel: A One of a Kind Comedian from Westchester

Simon Cadel is a one-of-a-kind kid. At the young age of thirteen, he has already begun his standup comedy career and worked hard to support a local nonprofit. Family Services of Westchester (FSW) is a private nonprofit agency in Westchester that offers social and mental health services for children, teens, adults and senior citizens in order to provide as much support for them as possible. Such programs include teen leadership programs, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and HeadStart, just to name a few.

Simon recently organized a comedy show, “Laugh Til It Helps,” at The Digital Arts Experience with his fellow young comedian friends to raise money for FSW and further their cause. The show was a great success and brought in $1,000 for FSW. Furthermore, it had been a dream of Simon’s to hold a comedy show to benefit a charity; to have that sort of ambition and thoughtfulness at 13 years old makes him stand apart from his peers. His knack for comedy is just the extra step that makes him such an outstanding kid.

Simon’s been classified not as a kid comedian, as the Digital Family Summit notes, “he’s a comedian who happens to be a kid.” Basically, he’s young for most comedians, but his delivery, presence and sense of humor show that he’s quick, witty and far more clever than the typical teen. He began studying comedy two years ago, attending camps, the Kids ‘N Comedy classes at the Gotham Comedy Club, and after-school programs.

Simon performed at showcases, videos of which circulated on YouTube and got the attention of comedy clubs like The Comic Strip Live and New York Comedy Club. Both clubs booked him for primetime weekend shows, despite the fact that otherwise, his age would not allow him to go inside! “I’m way too young to be here,” Simon had said when he first walked onstage at The Comic Strip Live. Maybe, but he’s also way too clever to be missed.

The DAE is proud and excited to see our student exhibiting such skill and creativity in his performances. We’ve even had the pleasure of having him do standup at The DAE’s first Open Mic in August, where his confidence and talent allowed him to shine and be completely unfazed by the audience. Simon is currently enrolled in our brand-new class, Game Programming with Java, which excites us to welcome him into The DAE community. Therefore, we’re more than happy to support his efforts in raising money for FSW or calling attention to important causes.

This Saturday, he’ll be participating in another great comedy night, Standup For Peace, which aims to bring comedy and matters of political importance together to open up the conversation. Standup For Peace is a show put on by the well-known political comedians, Scott Blakeman and Dean Obeidallah, to unite all ethnic/religious backgrounds in support of peace in the Middle East and worldwide.

Blakeman and Obeidallah have used their comedic talent to promote tolerance and peace at this critically acclaimed show for the past ten years. Now, Simon will be opening up for these big name comedians in order to show his support for the cause and it promises to be a hilarious night that you won’t want to miss. Standup For Peace is coming to The Purple Crayon in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY this Saturday, October 19th from 8pm-10pm. (Tickets can be purchased for $20 here.) We hope you will go out and support our student comedian and his great causes, see for yourself how great of a show he puts on!


This past weekend, Simon and his blogger mom Betsy spoke at the 2013 Digital Family Summit on Kid Fame: Right for Your Kid? Or You?. In November, Simon will be auditioning for America’s Got Talent and performing at Gotham Comedy Club, so keep an eye out for him!

Simon’s YouTube page can be found at, check it out!


Top Tech Tools for Managing Money – Herman & Company CPA’s

We at The DAE are always looking for innovative ways to use technology! Today’s guest blog is brought to you by Paul Herman of Herman & Company CPA’s, P.C., a full-service accounting firm in White Plains.

It’s no secret: Taking control of your personal finances and managing your money is the key to a long life of financial success. It’s also no secret that sometimes we don’t even have enough time to eat breakfast, let alone face the daunting task of looking at our “financial snapshot” on a regular basis. Luckily, technology has once again proven itself to making our lives just a little bit easier with these handy mobile apps that can help you become a personal finance wizard in just a matter of minutes.

  1. Named “Best Finance App” by the 1st Annual App Awards and TIME Magazine’s “50 Best iPhone Apps of 2011,” it’s safe to say this app is a must-have on your smartphone. Mint gives you a clear breakdown of exactly where your finances are going each month by category, allows you to set budgets, alerts you when you exceed your budget and shows you how much money you have at any given time. While discovering you have a $100-a-month iced coffee habit is not pleasant, stashing that money into a vacation savings fund sure is.
  2. Check. An app that alerts you when a bill is due? We’ll take it! Check monitors your bank accounts, credit cards and bills, and sends you alerts when your funds are low or you have a payment coming up. Never having to worry about overdraft fees or overdue bills again makes this app a winner!
  3. Expensify. This app keeps track of all your expenses, letting nothing slip through the cracks. From your bank accounts to car mileage to receipts to travel details, Expensify is your one-stop shop for keeping a detailed account of everything having to do with your money. And, as an added bonus, you don’t even need to be online to use it.
  4. DailyCost. Even more detailed than Mint, DailyCost keeps track of your purchases in specific categories such as “Coffee,” “Snacks” and “Breakfast.” In addition, it also has a graph feature that shows you an analysis of your weekly and monthly spending. Every little expense adds up, and DailyCost is your tool to showing you by exactly how much.

While we all wish we had more hours in the day to accomplish our daily tasks, these money-management apps might just be the next best thing. Keeping track of your finances while on the go means less stress, more time and (we hope) eventually more money in your pocket.


Paul Herman is the founder and owner of Herman & Company CPA’s, P.C., a full-service accounting firm located in White Plains.  Herman & Company is dedicated to providing clients with a wide range of professional, personalized tax and financial services including tax planning and preparation, accounting services, financial services, financial retirement and planning services, estate planning and bookkeeping services. Contact Herman & Company CPA’s for a complimentary personal finance consultation.

Rob’s Tech Tip: Westchester Businesses, Check Out Workflowy to Stay Organized!

ImageI have been struggling to find a very simple and effective to do list solution that I actually use. The problem is that I have many different things going on at once, and my to do list gets super cluttered. WorkFlowy is a good solution for my needs. With WorkFlowy, I can create an item on my to-do list, and then zoom in on it and create subtasks within that one item, then zoom in on any subtask and create items within THAT. It works wonders for me because I can set up an item called The DAE, and underneath that, I can have “Marketing”, “Facility” etc. I can then zoom into “Marketing” and create items like “Social Media,” “Video,” etc. Then, within each of those, I can create subtasks.

It’s like a detailed outline for running my business, but it doesn’t get overwhelming because I can look at only one, focused set of tasks at a time!
Definitely check it out!
Thanks for reading!
Check back weekly for more Tech Tips by Rob!

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: #Hashtag with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

If you haven’t seen this already, it’s Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s hilarious jab at all our #uselesshashtags that we feel obligated to throw into every sentence, ’cause #YOLO! But seriously, check it out and #TGIF!

My Initial Thoughts on Social Media (a.k.a. An Ode to Twitter)

Our marketing intern Megan is up at school in Boston in a social media class and will be posting regularly for her class on any social media-related topic. We wanted to share her first with you! (And if you have anything in mind that you’d like to read about regarding social media, let us know and we’ll pass it on to Megan!)

ISYS6621: Social Media and Digital Business

Social media appears to me as still an untapped resource, if you can believe it or not.

I had a friend ask me last night, “But what’s the point of Twitter? It’s just so boring!” I believe my response to her was, “Are you serious? There’s so much we don’t know yet!” How could she not understand the point of Twitter? How could it bore her? There’s so much about social media that still excites me and I don’t know if that means I’m caught up in hype or if I’m just doing things right. All I know is that I can’t imagine today’s world without social media. There’s a CollegeHumor video all about if movies had cell phones, insinuating that with cell phones, these popular movies would be way more different. I feel like I look at the recent past through a similar lens, except with social media. Where…

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Top 5 Ways to Digitize Your Small Business – Gibbons Digital

The DAE often consults with businesses to create customized plans for the integration of technology into their companies. So, for today’s blog post, we reached out to Gibbons Digital. Gibbons Digital is a local a full-service social media marketing agency. Leah Breyette, Social Media Manager at Gibbons Digital, shared with us the business’s tips on how you should digitize your small business!

Top 5 Ways to Digitize Your Small Business

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, we live in a world where virtually anything and everything is available to us with a couple keystrokes and the click of a button. From a wealth of information on any topic imaginable to what’s happening right now in any part of the world at any given time to a brand-new camera on your doorstep the next day, it’s no secret that technology has made our lives faster, smarter and easier. It’s also no secret that while many of us have “digitized” our personal lives, we may have neglected to do the same for our professional ones. No worries, it’s much easier than it sounds, and starting off with these small steps will get you on the path to having a tech-savvy business in no time!


  1. Social media. The benefits of social media for small businesses are tremendous, and of course we could talk about them all day! (But we’ll save that for another time). To keep it short and sweet, social media allows your small business to directly connect and interact with your customers, allowing you to hone in on what they want from you. And isn’t that what business is all about?

  2. Blogging. Want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, boost traffic to your website and grow your market? Blogging is your one-stop shop. Creating unique, appealing and valuable content through a blog is one sure way to make your small business stand out from the crowd!

  3. Go mobile. Wherever you are, stop what you’re doing and take a look around. It’s highly likely you’re looking at a couple (or many) people looking at their phones. Whipping out a laptop during every spare moment we have isn’t all that practical, but doing a quick Internet search on our smartphones? Now that’s a different story. If your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re missing out on untapped clientele! Optimizing your website for mobile use is a short and simple process that’s well worth the effort.

  4. Analyze. Do you know what exactly is driving leads and/or sales to your website? Do you know which pages on your website are the most popular? Do you know how many people are viewing your website from a mobile device? If you answered “no” to any of these (or don’t think you need to know them), think again. You could be missing out important information that could change your business immensely, and for the better. In this case, Google Analytics is your best friend, so go ahead and get acquainted!

  5. Organize. Our smartphones and devices are stellar tools for keeping our important information organized using notes, calendars, reminders, apps and more, which means you can skip the headache of rummaging through piles of handwritten notes on your desk! We’re also huge fans of Google Docs, which allows you to create documents, presentations, surveys and more, and share it with your coworkers.

Is your small business “digitized?” How do you do it? Share your success stories with us!

About Gibbons Digital

Gibbons Digital Consultants is a full-service social media marketing agency, providing superior social media consulting and implementation services ( to small and medium-sized businesses and is located in Bronxville, NY.  For more information on how Gibbons Digital can help grow your business using social media, visit

Rob’s Tech Tip: Google Now


If you are a Google user, Google Now is a great way to stay on top of everything you have going on in your live. From a single window, you can see what’s coming up in your schedule, check weather in your current location, see that status of your stocks, check the traffic on the way home and much, much more. What’s even more amazing is if you use Chrome and set up your user account, when you Google something, say tracking a flight, the status of that flight will automatically show up in Google Now. Google Now comes integrated right into an Android phone, and has an app for iPhone. With Google now, you can manage all of the important info in your digital life in one single window!