How to Learn Computer Programming as an Adult – White Plains, Westchester County, New York

There are a plethora of resources out there online to learn computer programming as an adult… The question we get quite often here at the DAE in Westchester County is: “Where do I start?”

First of all, we LOVE It’s a great place to start, even for adults. In fact, that’s where I began! The Hour of Code is a great way to learn the basics of programming without having to learn all the complicated “jargon.” (Read the blog of my first hour of code HERE.) With these simple to follow interactive puzzles you’ll begin to understand the fundamental principles behind coding:

  1. Events: trigger the code to run based on user interaction
  2. Loops: Repeat forever, a specific amount of times or until a goal is reached
  3. Conditionals: using true and false to make decisions
  4. Variables: manipulating data by storing it in a category you define

Games like Code Combat are a great way to get your feet wet with some of the new language. Then, you can begin programming small things like calculators and games in Python or Java, using sites like KhanAcademy or Codecademy. Check out this AWESOME BLOG comparing all the different e-learning websites that offer an introduction to programming.

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Emily Angell is the Director of Adult Education — she teaches programming & audio engineering at the Digital Arts Experience in White Plains.

Learn how to Create a Website, how to use WordPress and How to connect a Website to a Domain: Web Design Classes for Adults in Westchester.

Adult School in Westchester: The DAE in White Plains offers adult education classes on how to create a website, how to connect a website to a domain and how to use WordPress. Learn layouts, formatting and just enough HTML/CSS to maintain your site properly and update it accordingly.

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What is 3D printing? How does 3D Printing Work? Adult Education Westchester: 3D Printing, Modeling & Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing Westchester, Rapid Prototyping White Plains

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Kids aren’t the only ones taking part in STEM/STEAM learning here in Weschester. At the Digital Arts Experience in White Plains, adults are getting in on the action as well. Our adult students learn 3D modeling and how to use and maintain our 3D printers to rapid prototype items for functional household use.


Classes are enrolling now! For more info please visit: or give us a call: 914-644-8100.